DAILY WORD 9/16/21

Christopher Louis Reid
3 min readSep 16, 2021


24. The path of life leads upward for the wise; they leave the grave behind.

Proverbs 15:24 NLT

Today’s Passage is another one that takes a decided departure original Path that the author began with while at the same time offering up some real Wisdom to those of us today who are dedicated to traversing this often difficult Road of Life.

As I first read this Passage today, I have to admit it took me a moment to grasp its meaning. Here’s how it reads in the KJV, “The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.”

It was the first clause that threw me. I didn’t quite get it until I read it in the NLT, then it all became clear to me (which is why I utilize differing translations in the first place, not everyone is going to understand the language in the KJV right off.)

As I began to ruminate on the meaning of this Passage and what I might say about its significance, only one thing stuck out to me. We all have a Path to walk in this life, and it doesn’t matter if we’re just an average Joseph or King David himself; we’ll each have to confront the Road of Life in all of its gradation and nuance.

No one gets through this life without traveling through the shadow of the Valley of Death at least once in their journey, and some of us will, unfortunately, seem to all but live there. But there is an upside to this often complex and challenging expedition.

If you are Wise, which in this case means taking heed to the examples and lessons of those that have gone before us, even when the Path takes us through deep and foreboding valleys, we can take solace in the knowledge that our trail will eventually take us higher.

Even when we are seemingly lost and the pressures of the trek seem to be thrusting us off course, if we Utilize the Wisdom that is Available to us, we can Rest Assured that we will end up in the Right Place.

Not every step of our journey will be pleasant, and that is not what we’ve been Promised. The entire point of the excursion itself is not to go sightseeing or roam around and experience all that the experiences along the way have to offer.

The point of this Path is to prove that we have the wherewithal, ingenuity, and perseverance to go through both the easy and hard bits and continue to march regardless of the hardships we encounter along the way.

Walking without any idea of where we are going or without a goal in mind is called wandering. God has not Called us to wander through this life. He calls us to Follow His Voice, read the Map we’ve been left, or even Blaze a Trail.

That may mean that we go through some of the most challenging times we have ever faced, and it may make us feel like we are lost. But that feeling only lasts until we hack through the obscuring undergrowth blocking our way and see the clearing He was Guiding us to.

We all have our own Path to walk, and it’s not always going to be easy. But we have also been Blessed with Guidance if we are Wise enough to Recognize the Guideposts and Learn to Read to the Map we’ve been left. If you’re not following me, that means Read your Bible, so you Know the Right Path to take!

No journey can be effectively completed by simply rambling around and hoping that we’ll randomly get where we’re going. Especially in this life, we have to have Intention and Purpose if we expect to depart from the Hell that rages around us. That Intent must be Heaven, and the Purpose must be to See and Please the Lord.

If you feel lost and know that you have no real Direction, you may want to Stop, Assess your Plan, and Read your Map. We have all the information that we will ever need to make a Course Correction. The only question becomes will we Recognize our Improper Position before it is too late to Get Back on the Right Path?

Have a Thought-Provoking Thursday and Use The Tools You Have To Walk The Path You’re Given!