6. Then Naomi heard in Moab that the LORD had blessed his people in Judah by giving them good crops again. So Naomi and her daughters-in-law got ready to leave Moab to return to her homeland.

7. With her two daughters-in-law she set out from the place where she had been living, and they took the road that would lead them back to Judah.

8. But on the way, Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, “Go back to your mothers’ homes. And may the LORD reward you for your kindness to your husbands and to me.

9. May the LORD bless you with the security of another marriage.” Then she kissed them good-bye, and they all broke down and wept.

Ruth 1:6–9 NLT

Today’s Passage picks up the story of Naomi and Ruth after the deaths of Naomi’s entire immediate family. The faithful followers of the God of Israel have fled the famine that had laid waste to the land of their forefathers and gone to the land of Moab to try and stave off the ravages of hunger, only to have tragedy follow them.

After the deaths of her husband and both of her sons, Naomi is alone with her daughters-in-law in a land she doesn’t belong in. So, when she hears that the famine has been lifted, she decides to return to Bethlehem. She arises from her grief-stricken situation and heads back to the place of her birth with her dwindling family in tow.

But Naomi understands how it feels to be a stranger in a strange land without a husband or any prospects at a promising livelihood. So, she tells her only remaining companions to go back to their homes, and find husbands in their own lands, in order to preserve some semblance of a normal life in a place they are familiar with.

The fact that Naomi makes this move illustrates the kind of woman she is and the character that she possesses. In effect, she is abandoning the only support system she has left, just so that they do not have to suffer the same fear and uncertainty that she is experiencing.

She is casting aside her remaining comfort so that the only ones that are left to comfort her can try to find some comfort of their own. She knows what it feels like to leave all that you know. The security of home, the consolation of family, the reassurance of familiarity. She does not want them to have to experience the same anxiety and apprehension that she has just to spare her own loneliness.

Naomi is willing to suffer through her grief and degradation alone despite the fact that she does not have to. She puts the needs and the futures of her daughters-in-law before her own so that they can forgo the distress that she is currently facing. This is a selfless and benevolent move on her part.

Here’s why. Naomi knows that just because she is going “home”, she really doesn’t have a home to go back to. She has no prospects of remarrying. She has no claim to her husband’s abandoned lands. She has no skill set to fall back on in order to make a living for herself.

The only thing she has left is the hope that her daughters will remarry and their husbands will care for her, and she is even casting that away for their own best interest. In doing so, she is giving away the only thing she has left to save her. Naomi has such a big heart that she is willing to suffer poverty and squalor so that her daughters-in-law do not have to suffer right along with her.

But as you look at Naomi’s tragic story and your heart goes out to her, do not forget that God is Faithful to those that are Faithful to Him. Naomi and her late husband have always been Faithful to the Lord. God had made Promises to His people that if they followed His Law, He would prosper them in ways they couldn’t fathom.

Naomi has to feel abandoned by God as she heads back to Israel but God has not forgotten her, nor has He forgotten His Promise. Even as she casts aside her only remaining physical comfort, God is preparing to do a work on her behalf that she could never imagine.

This is where Today’s Lesson lies. Just because you can’t see God’s Hand of Blessing on your life does not mean that He is not Blessing you. Just because all you can see around you is death and famine, that does not mean that God has forgotten you. Just because you can’t see a way out of your messy situation, doesn’t mean that you have been abandoned.

God is not slack in His Promises. If He Said It, He WILL Do it. Period. Your Faith in Him and His Ability to Do as He has Promised is the Catalyst for your Miracle. Now, a Miracle may not come how you imagine it. It may not look like you think it will. But if He works out your impossible and awful situation, and turns it around for your good; that is a Miracle.

Hold on to your Faith. Hold on to your Promise. Never let go of your Trust in God because He has you, even if it doesn’t look like it right now. Look at Naomi. She is facing the most difficult and impossible situation a woman in her day can face. She has No hope. But God IS Hope.

As long as you hold on to God, you always have Hope. As we continue on with this story, you will see exactly how God works out this impossible situation on Naomi’s behalf. But be assured, He will do the same thing for you. It may not come when you think it should, or how you thought it might, but He WILL work it out. Hold on to your Faith!

Have a Spectacular Saturday and Hold on to your Faith, God Will Never Leave you Alone!





Lifelong writer of poetry, lyrics, & stories for His Glory

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Christopher Louis Reid

Christopher Louis Reid

Lifelong writer of poetry, lyrics, & stories for His Glory

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